How to Train Dogs to Obey the Easiest Ways

How to Train Dogs to Obey the Easiest Ways

April 17, 2019 slimansoft 0 Comments

Dogs are one of the most complete living organisms that humans often take as a friend and find the true meaning of fulfillment and sincerity. People buy dogs for the purpose of breeding or guarding. Whether these dogs are for any purpose we need to train dogs to obey and execute orders, Many people may have many difficulties in doing so. They are ignorant of the right way to train dogs to obey and execute orders, so we will present you with a set of special exercises that will enable you to train dogs to execute orders easily.
It is necessary to start training dogs when they reach the age of at least five months in order to have the mental ability to qualify to absorb the exercises of all kinds, and is meant to train dogs here is to exercise the obedience to obey orders and respond to the voice of the owner and orders different and the most important exercises to be done The following:

Training to sit
It is essential that the training should begin with training to sit properly so that the dog can get used to sitting steady and straight. In this training, the dog is in a perpendicular position. The trainer trains the dog by gently pressing the back of his back with the pressure on his chest with the other hand. Chanting the words of this training, which the dog will then associate with sitting training to sit directly in this position in response to the voice of the owner, and should also call the trainer in the name of the dog with the words of training
The dog’s training starts as follows: the trainer makes the dog walk randomly first and then stops to ask him to perform the exercise with his own words. If the dog does so, the trainer should show his pleasure and reward him and keep him obeying orders.

Training to respond to the call
This training is one of the most important exercises that the dog should learn and if he succeeds, he will be able to respond to the call of his owner at any time. The success of this training indicates the skill and experience of the trainer, where the dog is in complete compliance with the orders. No matter how busy he is doing something else.
You must train the dog to respond to the call for the first time in the garden of the house or in a somewhat enclosed place, and then tie the dog with a chain length of about two meters and then club on the dog and you launch the ferry that you devoted to this training and then pull the chain to come to you, Repeat this exercise several times. The dog will fail to perform the exercise in the first few times but will succeed in performing the training over time. In this case, use a longer string in the exercise and so on so that the dog can then perform the exercise without using the chain.
Training sleep on the ground firmly

In this training, the dog is taught to sleep firmly on the ground when the training word is heard. The position of the dog is as follows: the dog sits, its front legs forward and its hind legs fully relaxed and belly on the ground and head up.
Let the dog sit with the string in your left hand as you have trained it before, and then say the word for sleep training on the floor like “sleep” and pull the string down to help the dog sleep properly and help him by pulling his front legs forward for a few minutes Sleep this situation and then repeat this exercise more than once by calling on him to come to you and then suddenly ask him to carry out sleep training on the ground using the word dedicated to this training.
Training dogs to obey a task is not impossible, but at the same time you need patience and discipline to train the dog continuously. Until you reach the satisfactory result for you with those beautiful animals beloved to all