For cat lovers: Here are the best types of home cats

February 06, 2019 slimansoft 0 Comments

In the beginning, this article is not intended for those who have ever been homophobic, and even though I am in this category, I will submit this article to my desire one day, although the love and foreplay of cats is common in everyday life. Girls often use more than males to acquire cats to raise them at home and become the best friend, but this does not mean that any type can be acquired or fit for education. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the best types of household cats, that is, you can raise them in the house to make a wonderful future boyfriend, and amiable to the unit.
1.Turkish Angora cat :
A very cool Cat, whose origins have given him great beauty, this Turkish cat is characterized by a beautiful fur condensation around his neck and chest, with two praline-shaped eyes that are as many colors as possible, either blue or green and sometimes orange, and it is very nice that this kind may take His eyes are two colors at once, so imagine God protect you to be a blue-eyed cat and the other green! God is the greatest! And what will increase your passion for this pet it is calm and quiet, you can present it as a gift proud on occasions, and its history indicates that he grew up in the family of royalty, because she accepted them as a luxury gift.
2.Cat Shirazi :
Or as known as the Persian Cat. The cat Shirazi is one of the most common types of household cats, the length of his hair and its abundance and softness, where he gently dances on his body, attracts the beholder and draws him with the beauty of his eyes and shine and the short feet. You have the opportunity to choose any Shirazi cat of three types: Himalayas, Becky Face, and the provisions of the face, and many colors between black and white and dark brown. I think he has the right to be included among the most precious breeds of cats in the world, with a price range of between US $500-5500 according to the Salala.
3.Short haired American cat :
Beware of this cat a bit, it has a jaw with very strong teeth, but it is not without kindness. It has a fur covering his body and his plump head, characterized by a rounded eye, and is characterized by a lot of intelligence, kindness and affection for a nanny, and can be said to be the ideal cats that can fit in the house for his calm and elegance and his love to arrange.
4.Abyssinian Cat :
It is considered to be an original Egyptian cat, which proves that it is very similar to the goddess of pharaohs whose bodies are housed in the graves of the Pharaohs in Egypt. It is characterized by the intensity of its hair, its brevity and it is color gradient starting from the dark where the roots, and down to the edges where the light color. He has two long pointed ears, and he has a long slender body. But before you have it, you must be sure that you will give him the indulgence, love and care that he aspires to without the rest of the other cats. Therefore, every spoiled and hard breeding is just like the Abyssinian Cat.
5.American Bobtail Cat:
If you host an American cat in your home, you will notice that it is a cat with a sense of sensibility and high taste, and you will love it very much like your predecessors. It can be found in many very beautiful colors, and for my part I have a passion for it in the color of honey, and to more information information about it it has a thick hair and a short tail, and the owner must provide him with fun and humor, and a place dedicated to play.
6.Berman Cat – Birman:
It is commonly known as the Sacred Burma Cat as well. This cat will never be tired of watching it, and your eyes will watch it all that you have seen his long, silky hair, coming down over his plump body, especially if his hair is light in color. Let me show you the good tidings that you will not find any difficulty in driving or caring for him, and you will never get upset with him when he eats like the rest of the Cats, but kindly give him enough tenderness between a hug and relax between the arms just like the baby.
7.UK Cat – British cat:
This cat is really the pinnacle of beauty and magnificence, looks like a painting that deserves nothing but a look at it, and add to it that it is a quiet, loving home that makes no noise at all. Therefore, it is advisable for those who intend to risk breeding cats for the first time in the house, it is characterized by shame, tranquility and the ability to learn with ease, and the physical qualities of the body is filled with thick fur covered with exquisite colors and beauty such as Brown chocolate, grey residential, hazel, white, and black too.